The Martin Fröst Foundation will be supporting the Lovasoa school of music in Antsirabe, Madagascar.

This music school for underprivileged children was founded in 2018 by Lovasoa, a local NGO that runs a cultural and competence centre, and Eline Rodvelt Hansen, a violin teacher from Norway.

The music school has 30 violin students and 3 cello students learning the art of music through this project. The students have different social backgrounds, but the majority come from the poorest families in Antsirabe. The school not only provides music lessons but supports children with food, clothing, health care and school supplies.

Learning how to play an instrument has a big impact on their lives. Children who previously dropped out of school and spent their days on the streets begging are now given direction, self-esteem and purpose. In some cases this has resulted in children managing to go back to school.

The Lovasoa school intends to develop into a complete music school with a special focus on underprivileged children, to contribute to a positive, long-lasting change in the lives of their students.

The Martin Fröst Foundation in partnership with Buffet Crampon will contribute to this wonderful initiative initially by sending clarinets, flutes, sheet music and educational materials.